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2018 Food Trends Are In! Check Them Out!

New Year’s just around the corner – and this means a whole new wave of wedding trends is right around the corner. Of course, nobody should incorporate wedding trends in their weddings just for the sake of being fashionable – but if you are searching for unique ideas, these 2018 food trends will surely inspire you to create a fantastic wedding menu. Read on and find out more!

  • Black foods. Fortunately, this trend is not about synthetic black food dyes, but naturally dark foods. If you want to add a dash of mystery and elegance to your wedding table, focus on foods that are dark-colored. Black beans and blueberries are just two of the examples – but, with the help of a quality catering service provider, you will definitely find many others (and combinations that suit you and your Big Day).
  • You’re probably used to seeing tons of fresh flowers on wedding cakes – but in 2018, the flowery trend has expanded to wedding food as well. Oh, how pretty these dishes are, and how amazing they taste when the right flowers are used! Definitely a trend to consider!
  • Drip cakes. Speaking of cakes, if you are looking for a fancy looking cake that goes beyond the traditional tiered cake, opt for a “drip” design. Imagine how delicious a simple cake would look with dripping chocolate or caramel sauce! We bet your guests will be eager to grab a slice of such a scrumptious-looking wedding cake!


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