3 Tips to Get You Started on Your Wedding Planning

Welcome to the year 2020! We at The Oaks are ready for the goodness and joy that this year is going to bring and wish you the same. If you’re recently engaged especially, a special congratulations to you and your spouse and lots of good wishes from us. Before we say anything else, we’d like to advise that you take time out to enjoy your engagement. Toast it several times before you dive into planning and anything else. That out of the way, we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that we’re the perfect location for your fairytale wedding in Easton, Maryland.

  • Organize Some Simple Wedding Planning Tools

This wedding planning isn’t going to work on itself sadly. A great hack is to put together some simple tools from planners to wedding guides and more to help you make a list of what you’re going to need. Consult the internet a bit and make sure to have a diary or journal handy.

  • Do Your Homework

Once you’ve gathered these basic tools, it’s time for you and your partner to have a sit-down and discuss what kind of wedding you’d want to have. Pick a quiet night, pour yourselves a drink you both like, and get to selecting. Making a priority list from both your points of view. What are your absolute priorities for this wedding? What are your partner’s priorities? Where do these priorities overlap? Once you’ve decided on that, the next thing is to hash out a simple wedding mission statement. This is a statement of what you want from your wedding and will serve as a reference point when planning gets tough. A wedding mission statement will help keep you on track and cut out excesses.

  • Hire A Wedding Planner

This is the very next step and will help ease you through the planning process. Your wedding planner is like your best friend when it comes to your wedding and will help take that dream that you and your partner have and turn it into a reality. The school of thought that says that wedding planners are only for celebrity weddings is a myth that you should discard.

We wish you the very best of luck!

Looking for a venue for your wedding in Maryland? The Oaks is a secluded cove that will give you and your guests a destination wedding feeling. We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call today!