4 Tips to Make Planning Your Wedding Seating Arrangements Easy

You might think planning the seating arrangement for your wedding is easy until you are finally faced with doing it. Trust us when we say it can be confusing. At some point, you might just decide to give up and let everyone sit wherever they want but the chaos that comes with that is a story for another day. Long story short, don’t do it. Seating arrangements help to maintain order at your wedding and if you have names on a place card, your guests are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If not properly done, your seating arrangement can affect the dynamics of your wedding and even go as far as causing tension and unhappiness. If you want some tips on how to solve the problem of seating arrangements when it comes to your wedding, here are 4 from us here at The Oaks.

  • What Shape and Table Sizes Do You Want?

You’ll first have to decide on a location for your wedding for this one. There are oval tables, round tables, and rectangular tables. Deciding which to go for can then help you move quickly to the next decision of who sits where.

  • Do You Want Set Seats or Set Tables?

What does this mean? Set tables mean everyone knows that they’re seated at a particular table but they can choose any chair they want at that table. With set seats, everyone is assigned to a particular chair. You might have to use name cards for this one. Set tables are easier to plan.

  • Where Is the Wedding Party Table?

Will you be seated upfront with your wedding party or seated with everyone else? Nowadays, couples tend to be seated in the middle so that they can freely interact with as many people as possible.

  • Get A Second Opinion

You shouldn’t do your seating arrangement alone. A wedding most times is a mix of two or more different families, so you’ll need their advice from your spouse when it comes to their side. When done, show it to one or two of your close friends and let them tell you what they think. They might point out some obvious things that you might have missed.

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