4 Ways to Achieve A Timeless Atmosphere at Your Wedding

Timeless weddings are elegant and give you the advantage of looking stunning on the day it happens and when you decide to visit the memories years later in the future. You cannot achieve that if you decide to have a wedding with too many modern trends as those trends could go out of fashion in a short time. So if you’re planning to give your wedding a timeless look, what are some of the things that you can do to achieve that? This article from us here at The Oaks has tips that can help with that.

  • A Simple White Dress

A simple white wedding dress that embraces your body with grace will look good today, tomorrow and always. Just make sure it is made from quality fabric and not too dramatic. Simple wedding dresses are one fashion that has stayed in trend throughout the years when it comes to weddings.

  • White Ceremony Chairs

White chairs are certain to look more in trend years from now than chairs that are overly decorated. They also have a simple elegance about them that is sure to help achieve that timeless feel and will look good in your wedding photos too. We’re not saying overly decorated chairs are not beautiful, they are! We’re just looking at years from now when that decoration might have gone out of trend.

  • Tall Flower Centerpieces and Arrangements

Flowers are beautiful and make for beautiful décor at a wedding. For your timeless feel, tall arrangements are what you should go for. You can add a dash of contemporary by putting the arrangements in tall hexagonal transparent or metallic colored vases. 

  • Lounge Areas

Lounges are a great idea for guests who might not want to dance too much and would love to socialize without having to scream at themselves over the music. It’s a new trend that will not grow old anytime soon as people love and would appreciate the personal interactions that these would afford.

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