5 Wedding Ideas to Make You Feel Like A Princess at Your Wedding

Every bride’s dream is to look and feel like royalty on her wedding day, and many brides do realize this dream but because of this Coronavirus, many more will have to wait a little bit more for their big day.

If things go on the way they are, you’ll have to postpone your wedding for the next 8 weeks; better to be safe than sorry. With that being said, you should keep exploring great ideas for your wedding. Coronavirus is potent but it can’t stop your wedding from happening. We’ll help you feel a little better about the postponement by listing out a few great wedding ideas below.

Your wedding is all about you and your happiness so if you as a bride wants to feel like a princess on this day, you are well within your rights. Here at The Oaks Waterfront Inn and Events, we take the happiness of our couples seriously, so here are some ideas from us on how to tailor your wedding, so that you end up feeling like a princess.

  • You Can Forget the White

Most people assume that you must be garbed in white from head to toe just because it is your wedding day. We say, if it doesn’t make you feel special, you can do away with that! Break the rule and look for a combination that will make you look special. Or better still, ditch the white dress altogether! 

  • A Pale Bouquet

A pale bouquet lets the focus be on you and you alone. An exotic bouquet is sure to distract the attention away from you with its bright colors and more if you use one. There’ll be lots of comments on it and your bridesmaids might even forget you and start looking forward to when you’ll throw the bouquet. A great way to avoid this? Use a pale bouquet!

  • A Royal Buffet

Food is an important part of every wedding and what better way to feel like a princess than to have a royal buffet? This is one way to keep people talking about for long afterward as long as you employ the best caterers that you can find.

  • The Color of The Dresses That Your Bridesmaids Wear

Want to feel like a princess? Sync up the colors your bridesmaids are wearing with your theme and what you will be wearing. Since they will be surrounding you at your wedding and thus affect your view, it is best to select what they will be wearing in case they don’t have a good dress sense. 

  • The Wedding Cake

If you do not make sure that you get a royal cake and that it looks amazing, all your efforts to have a royal wedding will go down the drain. Make sure to get the best cake with the best taste. You could also ask for the customization of a cake to ensure that you get the perfect look.

Where will you be holding your wedding in Maryland? The Oaks and Waterfront Inn and Events is located in Royal Oaks Maryland and is the best place to have an amazing wedding. We would love to hear from you. Contact us today!