6 Details You Should Not Miss at Your Wedding

Here at The Oaks, we want your Maryland wedding to be the best that it can be. That’s why we have made sure that our venue is one of the best locations that you can have your wedding at. Apart from that, you should also make sure that you do not forget the following when it comes to your wedding event.

  • Signs

Both at your ceremony and reception. Having your guests loitering around trying to find out where your wedding is holding exactly is a sure way to ruin memories of your wedding day. Give your guests accurate and simple directions and you could also include the link to a map for your event on your wedding register. So, to recap: Signage, directions and a map.

  • An Amazing Entrance

As the first thing your guests will see when they enter your event, the importance of a great entrance cannot be overstated. Have your director put up fun and creative designs.

  • A Fun Guest’s Book

Yes, you want to know everybody who came but why not do more than providing a pen and a book? Make your guest signing in fun and creative.

  • The Lights

The lights at your wedding will influence the mood of your guests and the general ambiance of your wedding. They’ll also go a long way towards helping your photographer take beautiful pictures so please go for great lighting.

  • Your Cake Table

Cake cutting is one of the highlights of your wedding reception. Your cake table will also be one of the focus points at your reception. Lots of your guests will also want to take pictures with it so make sure that it is beautifully designed and attractive.

  • The Exit

If you want your wedding to end on a great note, you should also carefully plan your exit. You can go big with something like a firework display or do something smaller. Whichever you do settle on, make sure that it is beautiful and fun.

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