6 Popular Wedding Themes for Your Future Maryland Wedding

The world of weddings has changed a lot in the past months due to coronavirus pandemic. How are you holding up with the quarantine and social distancing? Please be aware that if you reach out to us here at The Oaks, we would be glad to help.

In the meantime, while you plan your future wedding, here are some of the popular themes that you could go for depending on whether it fits your dream or not. We’ve come a long way from when the traditional theme was the only choice for your wedding. 

  • Rustic

A rustic wedding gives a nice relaxed vibe so that the couple can have as much fun as they want. Which is why lots of couples are going for this theme now. It is also a great theme for a couple on a budget as it is not so expensive to execute.

  • Garden/Outdoors

Garden and outdoor weddings are known to be very picturesque especially in the spring and winter. It is also quite popular with couples as it can be as fun as the rustic theme above.

  • Romantic

At a romantic wedding, the theme is love and that contributes to all aspects of the wedding. Emphasis is placed on the lighting, the first dance, the cake cutting and more. It is also a popular theme for couples.

  • Classic/Traditional

Classic and traditional weddings are still in the lead where weddings are concerned. Think church or a ceremony at a chapel. A classic outdoor reception center is also good for weddings like this.

  • Contemporary and Glamorous

Contemporary and glamorous weddings are for couples who want to wow their guests and have an unforgettable wedding. They focus on glam and aesthetics and are also known as luxe weddings. Contemporary and glamorous weddings challenge the norm when it comes to weddings.

  • Vintage

Vintage weddings look amazing and can also be a great way to spend less at your wedding. If you are a bit of an old soul, this is just the wedding for you. Don’t forget that when it comes to your wedding location in Royal Oaks, Maryland, The Oaks is a great venue. Make sure that you stay safe and contact us as soon as you can.