6 Tips on Having A Happy Wedding

As much as your wedding is about you, you will not be happy if your guests are not. So, when it comes to having a happy wedding, it may be a good idea to take active steps towards making your guests glad that they came.

One thing people tend to say when it comes to wedding planning is that you can’t please everyone. But while that may be true, it does not mean you should not make an effort at all. So, what are the few ways that you can keep your wedding happy and impress your guests? Here are 6 tips from us here at The Oaks.

  • Prioritize Right

The way you handle your budget will influence greatly how well you handle your guests. Would you rather be walking around in an $8000 dress while your guests are hungry? How about your wedding size? The more guests you have, the more you’ll have to spend which might mean having to look for a cheaper DJ or Florist. Workaround your budget to create the kind of day that you want for your guests.

  • Your Location Is Important

Locations affect the atmosphere of your wedding and when you do decide on one, you should communicate it with your guests as much as you can. Our venue has the right atmosphere to keep your wedding classy and comfortable for you and your guests. You can’t go wrong if you hold your wedding at The Oaks.

  • The Ceremony

The best way to keep your guests happy at your ceremony is to get them involved. Include them as much as possible and try to keep your ceremony short. A long drawn out ceremony is boring and will make everyone unhappy.

  • Refreshments

Running out of refreshments at your wedding is a no-no if you want to keep your guests happy. The food and drinks that you serve at your reception play a huge part in keeping your guests happy. You should also pay attention to dietary requirements and allergies.

  • Entertainment

Your reception is more than just eating and drinking. It has to be entertaining too. This is where hiring the right DJ comes in. You could also have some games to keep everyone laughing.

  • Keep Your Guests Busy

The busier your guests are during your reception, the happier they’ll be. Make your guests comfortable and give them a good time and you’ll surely have a happy wedding.

Looking for a fantastic wedding venue in Easton, Maryland? Try us at The Oaks. We are a beautiful waterfront venue and can assure you that you and your guests will have the time of your lives! Give us a call today!