A Christmas Wedding Can Be SO Beautiful!

Winter weddings can be truly amazing no matter exactly when they happen – but if you have chosen a date close to Christmas for this super-special day, you’ll want to make sure it “borrows” from the joy and festive vibes of the holiday without making it 100% about Christmas.

What are some of the best Christmas wedding ideas you should consider? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Floral décor. Some people may feel tempted to believe that Christmas-themed weddings are all about Christmas trees and evergreens. That is not the case, though. For example, you could create flower arrangements based on roses, eucalyptus, and some sort of seasonal berries. This will look really elegant and special, but it will still be somewhat connected to Christmas!
  • Other types of décor. Again, you don’t have to overwhelm your wedding venue décor with Christmas tree decorations. However, one or two Christmas-inspired pieces of décor can add sweetness and beauty to the entire atmosphere. For instance, gold-sprayed reindeer place card holders will look festive, glamorous, and they will be gorgeously tied into the Christmas theme.
  • Foods and drinks. Of course, Christmas is a very food-oriented holiday – so why not bring some of the flavors and foods people love so much this time of the year? A chestnut-filled wedding cake, a baked ham seasoned with oranges and cinnamon, your mother’s special Christmas cookies – these things will make your wedding feel comforting and welcoming, which is actually a huge trend right now. As for the drinks, you simply cannot go wrong if you offer guests some of the most popular hot drinks out there: mulled wine, hot cider, and hot chocolate. People will absolutely love these drinks!
  • Wedding favors. If you have decided to offer wedding favors, you should definitely coordinate them with the theme! It can be something sweet and romantic such as a fridge magnet with your wedding monogram wrapped in Christmas paper. Or it can be something fully connected to the season – such as gingerbread “he/she” cookies. Either way, your guests are bound to appreciate the gesture!


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