Amazing GoT Wedding Ideas You Are Bound to Love

Here at The Oaks, we love beautiful, elegant, sophisticated weddings – but we also believe brides and grooms should personalize their Big Day and bring in elements that define them as individuals and as a couple.

You can do this a million ways, of course – but if you are both fans of Game of Thrones, why not borrow inspiration from the TV series and incorporate a theme to run throughout your Big Day?

We have gathered some ideas to help you do this in an elegant and unique way – so read on and find out more.

· Wear your hair like Daenerys Targaryen. She is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular characters in the show – and her hair always looks amazing! A long-braided hairdo will look gorgeous on any bride, regardless of her wedding style – so why not “steal” her look and make it yours?

· Name the tables after GoT houses. Traditionally, wedding tables are numbered to help guests find their assigned seats. However, this could make some people feel awkward and even ranked (because why would your cousin sit at Table 5 while his parents are seated at Table 2?). To avoid this from happening and to make your wedding feel more unique, you could replace traditional table numbers with table names – like the names of the GoT houses. If your friends like GoT half as much as you do, they will love this!

· “Moon of my life”. This is such a romantic Game of Thrones quote that it would be a real pity not to include it in your Big Day if you’re fans of the show. For instance, you could include it in your Save the Dates (something along the lines of “I am marrying the Moon of My Life” could work well here). Or you could include this as a simple wedding sign positioned at the entrance to your wedding reception (it will look really pretty in a faux vintage frame!). If you want to make your wedding cake stand out, you could always use this phrase as a cake topper – people will just love it!

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