Ask Your Officiant These Questions Before You Hire Them

Your wedding officiant is one of the single most important hires you will make during the wedding planning process. In the end, the success of your ceremony relies on this decision – and you want to make sure your wedding ceremony is absolutely flawless.  

What are some of the most important questions to ask an officiant when hiring them? Read on and find out more. 

  • Are you available? This might seem like the silliest question ever, but it happens very often that couples are asking this last, instead of first. It would be a terrible disappointment to talk to someone, realize you like them a lot, and then realize they aren’t available on your date.  
  • What is your fee? You might feel awkward asking your officiant for their fee, but this is a wedding expense like any other and it needs to fall within a budget, right? Please note that in the case of religious officiants, you might not have to pay an actual fee to the officiant themselves, but a donation to their church or place of worship is expected instead. 
  • How much experience do you have? You need an officiant who knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Sometimes, less experienced wedding officiants still have all the skills, but if you want to play it safe on this and if you want to make sure your wedding officiant really knows everything there is to know, do make sure to ask them about their previous experience.  
  • Are you allowed to personalize the ceremony? In some cases, the couple can customize their wedding ceremony from A to Z. In other cases, however, your religious denomination may prevent you from doing this. For example, if you are Catholic, you will not be able to choose a song to play in the background as you walk down the aisle, nor will you be able to alter the actual ceremony (neither the words spoken by the officiant nor the vows).  

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