Avoid Awkward Situations with These Guest List Tips

Planning a guest list might not seem like much when you’re not actually doing it.

But when it comes down to actually creating the wedding guest list, things can get far more complicated – especially if you are not very familiar with what is expected of you.

What are some of the worst awkward situations you could avoid by following wedding etiquette? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Planning an adult-only wedding and having parents bring their children. It’s OK to not want to invite kids to a wedding. However, you should make it quite clear from the RSVPs: write only Mr. and Mrs. on them and leave no room for interpretation. If you get an RSVP that includes “and family” or “and the kids”, kindly call them to let them know this will be an adult-only event. It might feel awkward, but it could avoid an even more awkward situation.
  • Inviting one member of your family and having all of the relatives in the same group find out. The rule of thumb is that if you invite one person from a family group (e.g. aunties), you should invite all of them. There’s no compromise on this!
  • Having everyone bring plus-ones, but not enough room (or food) for them. Generally, you are only obliged to invite the plus-ones that have been in some sort of serious relationship with the main guest (e.g. they are married, engaged, or in a long-term relationship). When sending out the RSVPs, be sure to leave room for a plus-one only on those who can actually bring one.
  • He invited more members of his family than you did. This one’s actually pretty simple (although you might feel awkward at first). If anyone asks why all of his cousins are there, but you have only invited first-degree cousins, simply tell them that his family is closer. This is, most likely, the truth.
  • Receiving a gift from someone who wasn’t invited. This could make you feel odd. However, in general, you shouldn’t feel obliged to invite that person to the wedding. If you’re in serious doubt over what you should do, talk to a friend who is closer to them – they might help you figure out if that person is expecting an invitation or not.

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