Easton, Maryland
Easton, Maryland

4 Perfect Times for the Toast at Your Wedding

Timing plays a huge part in whether the toasts at your wedding are great or not. Toasts are an unavoidable part of wedding receptions, so if you’re going to do them, you might as well do them right. That’s why we at The Oaks thought that we should share with you an excellent timeline for speech giving during your wedding reception. Read the following few paragraphs to check them out.

Group toasting at wedding reception

  1. Schedule Speeches First
    It is best to get toasts out of the way for many reasons. One of those is the fact that your parents, maid of honor, best man, and whoever else is supposed to give a speech can have it done and enjoy themselves for the rest of your wedding. Kickstarting your reception with toasts can also serve as a way to set the tone for the rest of the evening. You can have all the toasts done one after the other or have some little activities done in between.
  2. Start Your Toasts After the Main Course is Served
    The main course of your wedding dinner is usually the longest, so it gives an excellent opportunity for the various toast to carry on uninterrupted. It’s a great time to have your toast happening early and in time to give way for the rest of the night party time.
  3. Towards the End of the Meal
    Having your toasts done towards the end of the meal is a great way to give those who will be giving speeches an opportunity to enjoy the wedding with the rest of the guests after their address. They can either get up to take the stage as the meal is being concluded or just before it’s time to dance. That way, you can have the toasts, cut your cake, and then finish up with opening up the dancefloor for dancing.
  4. During Cocktail Hour
    If your wedding is a casual one, cocktail hour is an excellent time for your toasts to happen. It’ll capture your guest’s attention at that time, and then once the toasts are made, everyone can relax and mingle for your fun reception.

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