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Easton, Maryland

What Does an Engagement Party Entail?

An engagement party is a party to celebrate loved ones and their upcoming wedding. It is also a great opportunity to introduce key loved ones for the first time. The Oaks is a great place to host your engagement party in Royal Oaks, Maryland, but before you do, here is an overview of what an engagement party entails.

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When to Have It
The best time is within a few months of the proposal. You should give your guests about a months’ notice so remember to send out your engagement party invites on time. You can give friends coming from out of town a 6 weeks’ notice.

Who Are the Hosts?
Traditionally, the bride’s parents should host the engagement party, but both parents could always cohost and it can even be thrown by the bride and groom themselves. Whoever ends up being the host, the couple is who does the inviting and it’s the responsibility to foot the bill too.

Are Invites Necessary?
Yes, they are. They don’t necessarily have to match with your wedding invites but whoever is hosting the engagement party should send out invites. They can either be formal or informal and you can even opt for digital invites. Just make sure to put in a little bit of effort where the invites are concerned.

Who Should You Invite?
These days, however, engagement parties can include people who are not invited to the main wedding. If for example, your friends decide to throw a friendly neighborhood bar engagement party, you can invite coworkers, friends of friends and newer friends who you aren’t sure will end up on your wedding list to celebrate the engagement with you. If your parents are however the ones hosting an official engagement party, you can see how it would be best to invite people who would also be invited to the wedding.

What to Do
Party, eat, drink, catch up and introduce your family and friends to each other. It is normal for one of the couple’s parents to say a few informal words of congratulations but it does not have to be a toast. You could also play a few fun games like Wedding Bingo.

What to Wear
As with any party, it depends on the setting of the party. Keep it simple but also classy enough for pictures. If you as a couple want a specific dress code, indicate it on the invites, please.

What to Serve
Anything from appetizers or tasting menu stations to a casual cookout will do. Your engagement food does not have to be a five-course meal with a full open bar! Ice cream sandwiches, assorted baked goods or seasonal sweets like candy apples or cotton candy are great as a dessert.

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