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Do You Have to Choose Children as Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?

The flower girl and ring bearer are adorable additions to make to a wedding – but it is not mandatory that you do the same thing as all the other brides. Since modern etiquette is a lot more relaxed about this, you can literally choose whoever you want as your flower girl and ring bearer.

  • First of all, keep in mind that the flower girl doesn’t have to be a girl – “she” can be a boy too (a flower boy). Furthermore, the same rule applies to boys too (e.g. a girl can be a ring bearer).
  • Secondly, remember that having a very young flower girl is not an absolute must. Many couples opt for this because it adds a dash of cuteness to the entire ceremony – but if you want to, your flower girl can be of any age. A pre-teen or a teenager who didn’t make it to the bridesmaids’ list, your auntie or grandmother – anyone can play this part in the Big Day!
  • If, however, you choose to have a young flower girl, do make sure her parents tell her about the importance of her role at your wedding. Not only will this help her understand that she should be nice, but it will also give her a sense of importance and it will help her create a truly wonderful memory of your wedding. Also, do make sure her parents are seated very close to the aisle so that she can feel more comfortable seeing them there.

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