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Create a unique dessert for your big day

Your love story deserves to be treated in the most festive and unforgettable way. This is precisely why you will want your Big Day to be perfect from all points of view – and fantastic dessert is always part of “perfect”, right?

How to add uniqueness to your wedding dessert and skip the traditional tiered cake? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Adorably decorated cupcakes. They’re like cakes – but smaller and a bit more versatile. They are perfect for a dash of elegance and uniqueness, they come in all colors under the Sun, and they are ideal for couples who simply cannot decide on one type of flavor for their wedding dessert. Plus, cupcakes can be decorated really fun, so that they truly match your wedding theme.
Pop cake tower. Also a great option for those who love cake, but want to skip tradition, pop cake towers will walk all of your guests towards childhood, sweetness and joy. Keep them stylish by coating them in the colors of your wedding scheme and they will look fantastic!
Coated strawberry tower. Nothing beats fresh fruit – and if you plan on having a summer wedding, you have the option of flooding the wedding with berry sweet treats. Dip strawberries in different colored-toppings, arrange them in a pretty tower, and invite guests to indulge in this refreshing, unique, and really festive dessert. There’s no way they will not LOVE this!
Consider a dessert buffet. At The Oaks, we can prepare a wonderful spread of bite sized pastries – all made in-house! Included is a small two-tiered wedding cake for cutting that is beautiful with fresh flowers adorning it. After the ceremony cutting – the guests are free to help themselves to the myriad of pastries. There is something to please everyone – chocolate mousse, mini cheesecakes and pecan tarts are just a few of the offerings. This is a true crowd pleaser.
If you are still searching for the perfect wedding venue, come visit The Oaks. Our superb waterfront venue is here to provide you with elegance, sophistication, and versatility – so you will definitely like it here. Contact us, schedule your personal tour of our grounds, and come see with your own eyes what we offer!