Did You Know about These Wedding Flower Trends for 2019?

Sweet and frail, strong and gorgeous, timeless and ephemeral at the same time – these are just some of the ways to describe flowers.  

No matter how you look at them, though, you definitely want your wedding to be adorned by the most beautiful blooms under the Sun.  

What are some of the most important wedding flower trends for 2019?  

  • The Color of the Year, Living Coral. As last year’s Color of the Year “Ultra Violet” is fading out, more and more weddings are now including Living Coral, the new queen of the hill of wedding flower colors. A soft pastel orange at its foundation, Living Coral can be complemented by a myriad of blooms, so it’s making a big appearance this wedding season!  
  • Elderflower. Lovely to look at and amazing to feel, elderflowers are a truly great option to include in your wedding day. Not only will they fill the air with a sweet fragrance that will remind you of childhood summer days, but they also look amazing – either alone or when combined with greenery and/or other blooms.  
  • Succulents. Yes, succulents have been around for quite some time now – but in 2019 they will rise in popularity again, especially with hot weather knocking on our doors. Whether you use them as actual wedding décor or as wedding favors, succulents are adorable in their own way: they are unique, versatile, and they can look quite stylish too!  
  • Pink wild ferns. Looking for a flower that explodes with joy and color, and which can be used for a pink-based color scheme? This is IT! Pink wild ferns can be used for a variety of types of wedding décor and they can look absolutely amazing when combined with plenty of greenery – vibrant, stylish, playful, and sweet all at once.  
  • Cabbage roses. While classic roses never go out of fashion, cabbage roses are quite special: their opening is larger and their shape is more unique, and they come in a generous range of colors. These blooms are filled with energy and romanticism, which makes them the perfect companion for a spring or summer wedding!  

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