Did You Know You Can Repurpose Wedding Decor into Your New Home?

Creating a beautiful ambiance at your Eastern Shore wedding relies a lot on the wedding decor you put together. Yet, what happens once the Big Day is over? What are your options for all the wedding décor you’ve used to make this a truly special event?

Some brides sell it, others return it (in case they rented it just for the Big Day). For those of you who are more sentimental, there’s another option as well: repurposing it for the new home. Here are some ideas to inspire you in doing this:

  • Decorating your wedding with teacups is a sweet and unique way of bringing a bit of playfulness and femininity to the entire ambiance, in a simple way. The teacups can hold different elements, such as succulents or flowers, and they can be offered to guests as wedding favors, or taken into your home as newlyweds as well. Either way, this is a really pretty idea that doesn’t need you to do much!
  • Cake tray(s). If you used this (or these, depending on how many cakes you served), you can definitely take them home and re-use them again, with the same purpose. Your parties will look sweeter and more elegant with a couple of these beautifully arranged on a table – we bet guests will love it!
  • Not only are these really trendy right now, but they have a lot of advantages as well. They will definitely survive the wedding day just as fresh as they were when you brought them in – so you can take them home and use them for the décor. Even more, you can use them as wedding favors as well – guests will adore these little bundles of green beauty!
  • Twinkle lights. They are all the rage when it comes to decorating both indoor and outdoor events – and they can absolutely be re-used at home as well. You can keep them for the holidays or for special parties, but you can use them to add a special, whimsical note to your bedroom or living room too. Either way, they’ll look adorable!


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