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These Digital Wedding Etiquette Rules Are VERY Important

We have to face it: wedding etiquette is almost nothing like what it was a couple of decades ago. Not only have many rules adjusted to a modern world, but there are new etiquette rules entering the “system” as well – particularly rules that are connected to the digital age.

What are the wedding etiquette rules that have to be followed on social media? We have some tips for you – read on if you want to stay informed.

  • The engagement picture and the changing of the relationship status on Facebook. First and foremost, do NOT share any kind of news before your mom, your best friend, and your closest acquaintances know. You really don’t want annoying 7th grade Sally to know about the ring before your own mother does. Secondly, update your relationship status, but do it at your own pace. You can do it the second you post the picture, or months afterwards – it is up to you.
  • Wedding hashtags are very fun, but make sure your guests know about them. Write yours down on your invitations, on your wedding website, and on big, pretty signs during the wedding day. This way, your entire wedding will be even more unique when pictures are shared on social media.
  • Not enough time to live Tweet the wedding? Understandably so! Pick someone to be your official Twitter delegate for the wedding day. It will make them feel special, and it will help you make sure your Twitter presence is “dressed up” in festive clothes as well!

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