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Don’t Forget to Plan These Costs Into Your Budget

Let’s face it: weddings are anything but cheap. Truth be told, though, this is such a unique life event that you will surely want everything about it to be flawless – and whether you like it or not, it all starts with a thorough, attentive planning of your budget.

What are some expenses many couples actually forget about? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • Presents for your loved ones. While you can definitely skip the wedding favors, you might want to buy presents for the closest wedding guests and your future spouse. The bridesmaids, the parents (both yours and your partner’s), the loved one himself – surprising them with nice gifts tends to cost quite a lot, so be sure to include this in your budget.
  • Special sound equipment. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding, there’s a pretty big chance you will have to rent extra sound equipment. This is very important because it will help you and your guests actually enjoy the amazing music the DJ or the band are playing – so remember to inquire about it (your venue manager and your music specialist should definitely be able to help you with information about this).
  • The non-floral décor. The vases, the sweet little napkins on each of the plate arrangements, pillows for the lounge area – you should really include these as well. They may not be the most expensive items on your wedding expense list, but they can easily add up to impressive sums of money you don’t want to forget about.


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