Have You Considered Doing Your Own Hair on your Big Day?

Your wedding look matters so much to you, and we totally understand why: it is, after all, a very, very important part of the Big Day and it is crucial for you to feel confident and radiant on what is meant to be one of the most unique and unforgettable events of your entire life.  

Have you ever considered doing your own hair on the Big Day, though?  

We have some tips and ideas related to this – so read on and find out more.  

  • There are multiple reasons to choose to do your own wedding hair. The most common one is financial. If you would rather spend the money you would otherwise pay a hairstylist on something else (such as something special on your honeymoon), then you are more than free to do it!  
  • Even more, some brides prefer to do their own hair on the wedding day because they know their hair better and they know better than anyone the kind of look they want to achieve. And since there are plenty of simple hairstyles to choose from, why not do it?  
  • For instance, a simple braid with a couple of suave accessories can look absolutely stunning on a casual or country chic bride. Likewise, a ballerina bun or even a messy chic bun are simple ways of pulling your hair up in an elegant and truly feminine way. Accessorized with a pretty hairpiece, even the simplest bun can turn into a fashion statement in a matter of seconds!  
  • Some hairstyles look very complicated, but in reality, with a bit of practice (and maybe a little help from your friends) they can be really easily pulled off. For instance, you can create a curly updo in a very easy way: just curl your hair in loose curls, add texture to it by teasing it a little, and then pull it in a bun at the base of your head. This look is bound to be so feminine, so romantic, and so modern at the same time!  

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