How to Avoid Potential Fights at Your Wedding

Like every other bride and groom out there, you want your wedding day to be a genuinely happy event. You want everyone to feel great and create sweet memories of a fun, loving, and welcoming atmosphere.

Unfortunately, though, awkward situations can happen when you bring together hundreds of people. They cannot be completely compatible with each other. And some of them might have a negative history behind them.

How to avoid potential fights at your wedding, given the circumstances?

We’ve gathered some tips for you – keep on reading to find out more.

  • It all starts with a very well-planned seating chart. Yes, it does take a bit of time to think things through and see who would be seated best where. However, it can save you from a lot of unwanted situations. Even more, it can help you seat together people who might not know each other, but are likely to actually get along (and yes, you can include “Playing Cupid” situations in this category too).
  • You don’t have to be alone in this. You and your SO cannot just keep eyes on hundreds of people while trying to socialize with everyone and actually enjoy your wedding day too. Ask your father, your Maid of Honor, or your Best Man to keep an eye on potentially troublesome situations. Give them the “go” to diffuse these situations by any means possible.
  • Pay attention to your guest list. You really don’t have to feel obliged into inviting someone who is likely to pick a fight after a couple of drinks. In the end, this is a very important day for you. You have the right to invite whoever you want, and more than that, you have the right to invite people who make you feel great.
  • If anyone starts a fight, firmly ask them to leave the wedding. It might be a combination of alcohol and a bad mood, or just bad history they have with someone else at the wedding. No matter what it is, they do not have the right to ruin your wedding day – so you can definitely ask them to leave.


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