How to Avoid Regrets on Your Wedding Day

Like with everything, many couples tend to find themselves experiencing a touch of ‘buyer’s remorse’ or regret after their wedding day. Often looking back, there are a few things they would want to change or do differently if given another chance. We at The Oaks do not want the same for you after your Maryland wedding. If you are still in the wedding planning process, here are a few tips on what to do to avoid feeling regretful after the wedding.

  • Know What’s Important

Before you start planning your wedding, sit down with your partner and discuss priorities. It is different for every couple. Your priority might be catering while other couples may prioritize entertainment or the wedding venue.

  • Stick to Your Budget

Once you know where your priorities lay, you can then allocate a good amount of money to securing the best vendors. This doesn’t mean that you should blow your budget completely. Just that you should put more money toward elements of your wedding you place importance on.

  • Plan Your Guest List Properly

Unfortunately, weddings tend to very quickly become massive. We recommend that you take enough time when putting together your guest list. Always have your wedding budget (and venue!) at the back of your mind. Do you have room for that many people? Try to only invite those who whole-heartedly support and celebrate your marriage. You’ll feel better for it.

  • Remember That This Is About You

Your wedding day is yours and your partner’s only! Go for vendors that appeal to you, wear what you want to wear, invite your closest family and friends and keep to your budget. Also, make sure that you include personal touches. These are the ways to create an event that nobody will regret attending.

Looking for the right venue for your wedding? The Oaks Waterfront Inn and Events is located in Royal Oaks Maryland and is just the place for you. If you’re ready, so are we! Give us a call today!