How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

The perfect engagement ring is one of the most important elements of the big proposal you are planning. But for many, engagement ring buying can feel intimidating, especially when you don’t know much about jewelry and when you feel completely confused by the wide range of options you have.

How best to select the perfect ring that she will truly love?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • It’s all about her personality. The price tag of the engagement ring may show how much you want her to be happy – but it isn’t in any way the single most important criterion (pretty far from it, actually). What is actually important is that you choose a ring that she will love to wear today, tomorrow, and for the rest of her life. A ring that reflects not just light and elegance, but her own personal style – and yes, that might mean you have to go beyond classic diamond rings and yellow gold.
  • What metal options are there? Well, these days there are a lot! The most common ones are yellow and white gold, followed by platinum. Palladium is in growing popularity as well, as it is a very strong metal with extraordinary resilience and a truly special shine. Rose gold is also really trendy and it can look fantastically delicate and sweet. And if you want something very unique, options like tungsten and black gold are also trendy right now.
  • Thinking about getting a diamond? There is no single perfect stone – it’s always a combination of factors. More specifically, the way diamonds are valued is based on the so-called Four C’s: the color, the carat, the cut, and the clarity. The most common and accessible color is white, but pink, yellow, and brown (also called “chocolate”) options are available too. The carat measures the actual weight of the diamond (unlike with gold, where this refers to the purity of the metal). The proper cut is particularly important because it shows craftsmanship and it helps the diamond reflects more light. Finally, clarity is also very important because the clearer a diamond is, the purer it is, and the more valuable it will be considered.
  • Not sure about a diamond? Don’t feel obligated to go with a traditional diamond if you don’t want to. Many couples are now looking to alternatives to traditional diamonds for a number of reasons, including concerns about their environmental impact, geo-political concerns about conflict diamonds, and also just wanting to be different.  Alternatives now popular include purchasing a used or lab-grown diamond (see recent GQ article “Lab-Grown Diamonds: They’re Real, and They’re Spectacular”) , moissanite, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

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