How to Choose the Best Flower Girl Hairstyle for Your Big Day

If you have chosen to include children in your wedding day, you surely want them to feel really great. And when it comes to flower girls, one of the things you can do to make them feel pretty and to attract everyone’s attention is to choose a nice hairstyle for them.  

What are the best flower girl hairstyles out there? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.  

  • Natural curls. If your flower girl has natural curls, leave them be! There’s something so beautiful and unique about a little curly girl. Your guests won’t be able to resist her adorable look. If you want to make sure your little wedding attendant feels comfortable, pull her hair back with a headband that matches your wedding color scheme – but don’t do much else with her hair. She will look like a sweet little angel!  
  • Flower crowns. If your bridesmaids will wear flower crowns, it makes sense that your flower girl will wear one too. She will look absolutely cute walking down the aisle, tossing flowers from her little basket, with flowers in her hair too! If you don’t necessarily want her to wear an actual flower crown, fresh flowers can be embedded in other styles too (such as braids, for example). 
  • Boho chic bun. Planning a boho chic wedding? Yes, your flower girl can totally match your wedding theme too! A simple low updo with twists and/or braids will look fantastic on a little girl – and this is the kind of comfortable hairdo that will surely make her feel great too!  
  • Half up half down. This can be pulled off in a million ways. Simply bringing strands of hair back and pinning them with something cute is the easiest way to do it. Little braids pulled back and up can work just as well too. And if you want something slightly more intricate, pull your flower girl’s hair back in braids and include some flowers too. They will look nothing less than adorable this way!  

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