How to Choose the Perfect Color Palette for the Big Day

Color can be such a powerful tool in decorating a space and making it send out a specific message!

This is precisely why the color scheme behind your wedding should be very carefully chosen – it shouldn’t be a random option, but a well-thought out one that helps you create the right ambiance for the biggest event in your life.

How to choose the perfect color palette for the Big Day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Consider your own personality. This is, by far, one of the single most important rules when it comes to creating a color scheme you will love today, tomorrow, and thirty years from now as well. Allow your personality to really infuse your wedding by choosing colors you can relate to. Colors that speak to you. Colors that are all about you.
  • Don’t consider the trends. Yes, they can be a great source of inspiration – but what if you simply hate the Color of the Year, for example? Should you just go for Living Coral if you absolutely loathe it? No, of course not. Trends are there to inspire – they aren’t there to set the norm or make you feel obliged into picking them for your own wedding.
  • Consider the venue. This is actually VERY important. Your wedding colors need to look good with the venue that will “host” them. Otherwise, you might end up with a very noisy and messy-looking décor that doesn’t do you or your love story justice.
  • Don’t consider the clichés. It can be tempting to fall into the same old routine when it comes to wedding colors – but try to think out of the box a little and settle for new, fresh, unique color combinations. For instance, if you want your wedding to be navy-themed, you can always settle on wooden notes with bright accents and navy motifs here and there – you don’t have to go for the same old navy blue-red-and-white combination. Think beyond what has been done a million times before and you will create a completely unique wedding décor!

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