How to Have a REALLY Fun Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception should be absolutely and unforgettably FUN. It should bring smiles and laughter into your guests’ day and it should make them feel really amazing celebrating your love story.

How do you do that? How do you go from boring wedding to the kind of wedding guests talk about months after the couple’s departure from their reception?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Great music is key. We cannot emphasize this enough, but good music is at the very foundation of your wedding’s success. You need to hire an amazingly talented wedding DJ or band (or both) if you want to make sure guests will dance and have a great time. Also, you need to make sure your wedding playlist includes all genres and different musical decades as well. After all, you want everyone to dance – regardless of their age or musical taste.
  • You can always go beyond music too. In fact, that is actually recommended. Hire someone else to provide guests with a little bit of extra entertainment and they will love it. A caricature artist will make them smile, a photo booth will allow them to post fun pictures on the social media, and a children’s entertainer will allow them to relax knowing their kids are feeling great (and staying out of trouble, of course).
  • Dinner? That’s fine – but why not more? Your wedding dinner shouldn’t be boring – so forget about the classic seated dinner menus and think of MORE than that. For instance, you could add a raw bar at your wedding – paired with delicious sauces, this healthy snack bar will be a delight for guests. Even more, if you want to keep them dancing throughout the night, why not give them a late-night snack, during the last hour of the reception? Nobody can say “no” to a sinful slice of cheesy pizza, serving of French fries, or even to an amazing-looking doughnut – so people are bound to love this kind of treat!


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