Keep in Mind These Things When Planning Your Wedding Site

Wedding websites are increasingly common – especially since creating one is very easy and it can be really inexpensive too. Furthermore, having a wedding website is very important if you want to be able to easily centralize all wedding details for your guests, as well as maintain communication with them in an easy and straight-forward way.

So, what are the elements your wedding website should really include? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • Registry information and/or links. While it is definitely not OK to include registry information on the wedding invitations, it is more than fine to do it on your wedding website. In fact, this will actually make it easier for everyone – particularly if you have registered for online stores and guests can simply click on a product, add it to the cart, make the purchase, and have it shipped to your address.
  • Online RSVPs. If you want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to contact you and send you their RSVPs, do it online. This is extremely fast, it helps them avoid being late, and it helps you centralize, count, and organize all of these RSVPs in a very rapid, easy way.
  • Coordinate with the stationery. Want your wedding website to look really special? Make sure you coordinate its design with that of your wedding invitations. Doing this will help you create a homogenous appearance for your entire wedding.
  • Add pictures. Do you have engagement pictures you’d like to share with the wedding guests? Or maybe cute pictures to let them see bits and pieces of your wedding planning process? Add them to your wedding website – people will be excited to be part of the “Making Of” story!
  • Share your story. People enjoy reading love stories – and even more when the main characters are their friends and relatives. Include a section with your love story on your website and tell everyone how you met, when you had your first date, how you were proposed to, and so on – it’s such a nice touch to a wedding site!


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