Lovely Wedding Dress Trends for the Spring of 2020

For some of you, it might feel too soon to look at the wedding trends in 2020 – but if you have just gotten engaged and if you want to get married toward the beginning of next year, now is probably one of the best moments to start searching for the right wedding dress. Don’t forget to take into consideration that the search process can be lengthy, and that the ordering and the alterations can also take a bit of time.  

So, with that being said, what are some of the best wedding dress trends for spring 2020?  

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.  

  • Detachable trains. If you want to look and feel like a princess for the ceremony but be able to party comfortably during the reception, and don’t want to buy two dresses, we have a solution for you: detachable trains. This type of wedding dress features a very elegant detachable train you can simply take off for the reception, revealing a lean, body hugging, modern wedding dress. It is truly, the best of the both worlds!  
  • Hollywood Golden Age charm. There’s no way you don’t love the old-school glam of the Golden Age Hollywood. There’s endless elegance in this timeless fashion. If you love this style, you will be happy to hear that in 2020, it’s coming back to the bridal world in a big way: ample gowns, gowns that flow beautifully, satin, silk, folds, bows, long gloves, sweetheart necklines – the whole package is there, in the list of trends that will influence 2020!  
  • Blazers. This might sound like an unconventional wedding trend – and while it might be, it can also fit into more traditional weddings too. A good blazer will look fantastic over a pair of trousers, over a skirt, a two-piece, and even over a dress – so it’s really the kind of trend you can reinvent and adapt to each bride’s style.  
  • Renaissance. In 2019, minimalism has been pretty big – and while it will definitely continue to play a part in the bridal market in 2020, we’re going to start seeing the other side of the coin: ultra-opulence. More specifically, dresses inspired by the luxuriousness and glamor of Renaissance fashion. This style is on target to take over the wedding world with its flared sleeves, lacy patterns, and high necks. What a huge fashion statement this will be!  

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