Make Sure to Ask These Questions When Hiring a Wedding DJ!

Hiring a very, very good DJ is very, very important for you as the bride and groom. After all, you want your Eastern Shore wedding to be really entertaining and memorable – and the best wedding DJ can actually help you with that.

What are some of the essential questions you should ask when hiring a wedding DJ? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Are they available on your wedding date? This kind of comes without saying, but some couples actually forget asking about this at the very beginning of the interviewing process. Be sure to ask this as your first question – it will help you narrow down your list of options.
  • How much do they play for? Wedding DJs play for a certain number of hours (which is clearly specified in the contract) – if you want the party to last longer, you will be charged for overtime. The best way around this is to ask from the very beginning if your DJs can mix music for longer (especially if you know your reception will last for longer). This way, you can negotiate a good price for their services.
  • Are they familiar with your wedding venue? This is important because the acoustics of different venues are, well, different. If your wedding DJ already knows your venue, they know what kind of equipment they need. If they’re not familiar with your venue yet, the best thing to do is to ask them to take a tour before the wedding day.
  • What kind of genres can they cover? Do they have an extensive musical library? This is, again, quite important. The general rule of thumb is that you should play as many musical genres and musical decades at your wedding, to make sure most of your wedding guests are satisfied with the music. The more songs your DJ has in their library, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to create a good mixture of different styles of music (and thus, more guests will spend more time on the dance floor).


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