Mother of the Bride Roles That Will Keep Her Smiling

Obviously, your mother means a lot to you – and you want to make sure everything about the wedding makes her happy too. Sure, that doesn’t mean you should plan a wedding according to every single piece of advice she gives – but you could definitely do things to make her happy.

Giving her specific tasks related to the pre-wedding prep and to the Big Day itself will surely put a smile on her face. But what are some of the best Mother of the Bride tasks? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Ask her to “give you away”, together with your dad. Traditionally, fathers give away their daughters at the wedding – but did you know this custom is deeply rooted in a patriarchal society? If you’re not compatible with this ideology, you can definitely ask your mom to join in and have both your parents walk you down the aisle. In some cultures, this is actually the tradition (e.g. Jewish weddings).
  • Ask her to come shop for the dress with you. She will be more than happy to help you choose one of the single most important attires of your life. And while you may not want to take every tip of advice from her – listen at least. She’s been in your shoes and her only desire is to make you happy.
  • Ask her to come to bridal shows. Back in the day, that’s how most weddings were planned in their entirety – through bridal shows and exhibitions. These days however, bridal shows are more of an alternative, or a complement to online research. Your mom will feel “at home” helping you choose the right vendors by attending bridal shows – so you have all reasons in the world to ask her to join you in this search.
  • Ask her to cook or bake something special for the wedding. All mothers have a secret recipe they master better than anyone else – why not ask your mom to do hers for the wedding? This will add such a personal and unique touch to your wedding menu!


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