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Not Sure How to Create the Perfect Wedding Website?

Wedding invitations are still a must – but if you want to share more tips with your guests and don’t want to send an entire collection of cards, mini-cards and maps, a wedding website can really save you from disaster. How to create a wedding website that’s perfect from all points of view? We have gathered some of the essentials all modern couples should know – so read on and find out more.

  • They are totally inexpensive (and even free) – and they can be created by someone who doesn’t have any kind of coding knowledge too. Basically, you just sign up for a service (such as Wix, for example) and you create a website using the good, old drag-and-drop method. It’s that easy, yes!
  • You are free to share your love story – and it is even recommended that you do so. Share what makes you unique, the way you met, the road you’ve walked upon so far, the dreams you have for the future – whatever makes you special. Also, allow your love story to shine through every single pixel of your website – from the colors to the pictures, everything should be representative of you.
  • Yes, you can share wedding registry information. In fact, this is an elegant and totally etiquette-approved way of doing this without having your Maid of Honor, mothers, and close friends spread the word.
  • Last but not least, remember that your wedding website should be useful too. Therefore, you should definitely share tips on how to reach the wedding location, any touristic attractions in the area that might interest the guests, accommodation options, and other similar tips of information. To make it even easier for everyone, you should also include all these tips in printable format – guests will thank you for it!


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