Pick Any of These Bridal Hair Trends for Your 2019 Wedding and You Will LOVE It!

We all know what a huge role hair plays when it comes to the personal style of every woman out there – so it makes perfect sense that on your wedding day you want to wear a hairstyle that fits your personality and personal style. 

What are some of the most popular bridal hair trends for 2019 weddings?  

We have some ideas to inspire you – so read on and find out more.  

  • Leave your hair down, just as it is. Well-cared for hair looks amazing, no matter what. So why not take the time and make an investment in your hair before the wedding by applying special treatments? Then, on your Big Day, you can leave it down in an ultra-natural and minimalist style that will look beautiful and amaze everyone.  
  • Pull it up in a side swept braid. Looking for a romantic hairstyle that works really well with casual, boho chic, and garden weddings? Sleek side swept braids combine the elegance of a sleek style and the playfulness of braids – which is can be the perfect combination for a lot of brides!  
  • Hair accessories. Yes, simplicity is a huge trend in the bridal hair world of 2019. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot add a little flair to your hair. Small tiaras, delicate hair combs, and intricate hairpieces have been popular on the bridal runways this year – and for great reason! These accessories look romantic, sweet, and special.  They can easily add a bit of romance that can complement any bridal look.  
  • Floral crowns. Yes, indeed, this is a trend that seems to be brought back to life as soon as the first sunrays of spring kick in. Perfect for an outdoor wedding or simply a wedding inspired by Mother Nature, floral crowns in 2019 are a spectacle of color and diversity. They are often oversized to the point of fashion statement, can mix different blooms and colors, and they create a truly special complement for a stylish bride!  

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