Planning a Bilingual Wedding? These Ideas Are Perfect for Your, Then!

There’s nothing more beautiful than love.

Love makes people smile, it makes people happy, it brings life into the world, and it connects cultures, countries, and stories in ways nothing else has ever managed to do it quite so well.

Love moves beyond differences, beyond traditions, beyond language.

And that is precisely why bilingual/ multicultural weddings are so amazing and beautiful.

If you too are planning a multiethnic wedding, you definitely want to make sure your ancestry and native language is brought into the Big Day in a genuinely nice way.

How to do that?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make it understandable for everyone. If your side of the family speaks English, but her side of the family is more fluent in Chinese, make them feel genuinely involved in the wedding. Print out bilingual versions of your wedding invitations and wedding day stationery to make sure everyone understands everything. If you feel that some members of the family might have trouble understanding the ceremony itself, don’t hesitate to hire an interpreter for them (they don’t have to sit there and whisper all throughout the ceremony, they can translate the event using a microphone and headphones for all the guests who need the interpretation).
  • Show that you are ready to embrace the other culture. Saying a couple of words in your future in-laws’ native language is bound to bring tears of emotion to their eyes (and into the eyes of your future spouse as well). Even if you can’t say the entire wedding vow in their language, a simple sentence will go a long way.
  • It’s not just the language that you’re embracing – it’s the culture too. You want your family and your spouse’s family to really blend beautifully together – and your wedding is the starting point for that. Bring in foods to celebrate both of your cultures, include traditional songs that embrace your ancestry, and even include traditions that bring the two cultures together. It will create a truly unique event!


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