Your Reception Will Be Fantastic If You Add These!

Pretty flowers, good music – it seems that everyone these days is using the same “recipe” for a good wedding reception. What if you want to stand out from the crowd and provide guests with an experience that’s unrepeatable and unforgettable?

We have gathered some of the best wedding reception elements you can totally splurge on (even if you want a budget-friendly wedding) – so read on if you need some inspiration!

  • Even a dull room can look instantly magical if you add the right lighting to it – not to mention a venue that’s gorgeous in plain sunlight! From twinkle lights to modern Gobo lighting, there’s a myriad of options you can choose from, so it is guaranteed you will find something that suits your wedding style 100%.
  • Pretty lounge area. Some of your guests may want to take a break from all the dancing and go find a remote spot where they can simply chit-chat, catch up, and socialize. This is what lounge areas are for – and this is precisely why it’s very important that you have one. A beautiful couch, a small coffee table and a couple of ottomans will be a wonderful addition to a fancy reception!
  • Unique entertainment. Sure, hiring a good DJ or general wedding band is essential. But when you want to really wow the guests, a bit of extra is needed as well. A band of Mariachi or a string quartet for your First Dance, a photo or video booth, a comedian – they can all add so much to your wedding and make it so, so uniquely unforgettable!

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