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Save the Date Card Tips You Have to Know

Save the Date cards can be quite the confusing wedding element – especially if you consider the wedding etiquette behind them. What is right and what is wrong when it comes to these cards, are they totally necessary, and when is the right time to send them out to your guests? We have gathered some of the most important Save the Date-related answers for you to remember – so read on and find out more.

  • To make it very clear from the beginning: Save the Date cards are NOT mandatory. YET, they are a very, very sane option for a bride who wants her guests to be actually able to attend the wedding. Take these cards as a polite way of announcing your Big Day and the fact that you want certain people to be there for you.
  • In general, wedding Save the Date cards should be sent out eight to six months before the big date (while the actual invitations are sent eight weeks before the wedding). Usually, this gives people plenty of time to make the arrangements they need, so that they can celebrate your love story on the Big Day.
  • There are a few exceptions from this general rule, though. If you plan on having a destination wedding, a holiday wedding, or a holiday weekend wedding, you should give people more time to plan the trip. These are busy times of the year (and busy locations too), so guests should have enough time to make arrangements, plan the trip, and maybe even cancel other potential plans they have. In these situations, you should send the Save the Date cards nine to twelve months before the Big Day!


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