Stunning Hairstyle Ideas for Your MoH

Every woman wants to look great when she is attending special events – and your Maid of Honor makes no exception. While you will be the star of the Big Day, you surely want your best friend to shine too.  

What are some of the hairstyle ideas that will help your Maid of Honor feel amazing?  

  • Side-swept curls. This type of hairstyle works best with off the shoulder dresses, precisely because it doesn’t cover too much skin. This is a hairstyle suitable for all face shapes and for all types of beauty – so your Maid of Honor should feel comfortable and lovely wearing her hair this way!  
  • Mimicking your style. If you want to set your Maid of Honor apart and create something special just for her, you could ask her to wear a style that resembles yours. For instance, if you will be wearing a low bun that incorporates braids, you could have her wear a low bun that is simpler. Or, if you are wearing your hair down in large curls, maybe consider asking her to wear her hair half up, half down for example.  
  • Flowers. Flower crowns are hugely popular with bridesmaids and even with brides – and this can be a fun idea for a spring or summer wedding. If you want to your maid of honor to stand apart from your other attendant’s wearing flower crowns, you can simply ask your Maid of Honor to incorporate blooms in her style in a different way – such as by simply embedding larger flowers into her curls or braids.  
  • Half up, half down. This is an absolute classic when it comes to hairstyles for weddings (and beyond). Feminine and sweet, this style works particularly well for a Maid of Honor because it’s comfortable too, so it will allow her to move around, helping you with the various tasks that may arise on the morning of the wedding day.  

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