Surprise Your Bridesmaids With These Lovely Gifts

Your bridesmaids have been on your side throughout the entire wedding planning process – even when you were not at your nicest, even when you were downright stressed-out, even when things did not seem to go very well.

Surprise them with a gift that’s heartfelt and sweet!

We have gathered some of the most beautiful suggestions to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

  • Pretty earrings. Let’s admit it: no lady out there will ever be able to refuse a beautiful piece of jewelry! Gift your bridesmaids with cute earrings in “X” and “O” shapes to remind them of the thousand hugs and kisses you want to give them for having helped you plan the perfect wedding day!
  • Hair devices. A beautiful and qualitative hair straightener, a portable hair dryer – these are perfect gifts, especially if you want to have a destination wedding and you offer the bridesmaids’ gifts before they get on a plan to the location. They will be more than thankful for these thoughtful, useful, and good-looking gifts!
  • Get the best champagne ever and have it personalized with a letter to each of the bridesmaids. Take the time to actually write a different letter for each of the girls – they will definitely appreciate it!
  • Clutch purse. Want to replace the bouquets with something more practical and modern? Offer your bridesmaids pretty clutch purses they can wear on your wedding day – and on other occasions too! Lovely gift!


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