Surprising Wedding Flower Ideas that Will Inspire You

Flowers and weddings are so tightly connected to each other that it would be nearly impossible to imagine a wedding without any kind of flower (or greenery at least). Sure, they exist, and sure, you are more than free to plan a wedding without flowers – but if you’re like most brides and grooms, you will include these natural beauties in the décor, in the boutonnieres, and in the bouquets as well.

How else can you use flowers at your wedding?

We have gathered some of the best and most surprising wedding flower ideas to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

wedding flower ideas
  • The escort cards. How about creating a wall of flowers and escort cards? It’s such a beautiful way of making sure each of your guest finds their seat rapidly and in an orderly manner! Simply attach little escort cards shaped like leaves to your favorite blooms and pin them to a wall – people will absolutely love the looks of it.
  • Floating blooms. This is another great way to add beauty and grace to your wedding, especially if you plan on having a waterfront Big Day. Place blooms in pretty bowls filled with water and use these to decorate your wedding ceremony and/or reception – it’s a unique way of bringing the warmth and elegance of Mother Nature into your wedding day!
  • Flowery cocktails. Blooms and greenery have been already used for wedding cakes and other desserts – so why wouldn’t they be used for the cocktails as well? For instance, you could use an edible bloom to decorate cocktails that are refreshing and unique. Not only will this look fantastic, but it will also add a completely new and exciting fragrance to your cocktail.
  • Blooming dresses. Of course, you can carry the classic bouquet down the aisle – but if you want a more special look, you could incorporate actual flowers into your wedding dress as well. Or, if you want to leave your dress as it is, you could incorporate blooms in your wedding veil. Both of these ideas look splendid, and they are more than suitable for a spring wedding!

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