The British Royal Wedding Customs You May Not Have Known

The entire world is buzzing for the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – and we’re all curious to know everything about it.

Yet, how much do we know about general British royal wedding customs? We have gathered some of these right below – so, if you’re curious, make sure to read on and find out more.

  • Traditionally, royal wedding bridesmaids should be very young – usually up to the age of 12. Princess Diana, for example, had 5 bridesmaids, with the oldest one of them being 17. Pippa Middleton is officially the oldest bridesmaid in British royal weddings history, as she was 27 when she was an attendant at her sister’s wedding, Kate Middleton.
  • There is no set tradition for the royal wedding ceremony location. Many of the royal brides chose to get married at the Chapel Royal at St. James Palace – but it’s not an actual rule that all ceremonies have to happen there. In 1919 Westminster Abbey started to be popular again, with Princess Patricia of Connaught. At the moment, Westminster Abbey has confirmed that Meghan Markle can get married there as well (despite rumors that she couldn’t do this due to her previous divorce).
  • There are no rules to what type of guests can be invited to a British royal wedding. However, it is known that the Queen herself sends out the invitations. Also, if the groom is of the royal family, his family will be seated at the right of the ceremony site, and if he is not royal, the royal family will be seated at the left.
  • Queen Victoria was the first one to wear a white wedding dress to her wedding – and she was also the one who started the tradition of including myrtle in the royal bouquet. After the wedding, she planted a myrtle shrub at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Ever since then, all royal brides have carried at least one stem of myrtle in their bouquet.
  • The royal wedding receptions are always held right after the ceremony (which happens at noon). A luncheon (or, better said, a brunch) is served for the guests – and the number of guests invited to the reception varies (Princess Diana had 120 guests, but Prince William and Kate had 600 guests).


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