The First Steps to Take after the Engagement

Wintertime is a great moment to get engaged! With so many warm holidays and the New Year’s Eve to share its glamor with the world, it is perfectly understandable why so many couples choose to put a ring on it between November and January.

If you too have recently gotten engaged, you definitely want to make sure you do everything properly – and this starts with a few simple steps.

What are the very first things to do once you get engaged? Here are some important tips for you:

Eastern Shore Wedding Venue
  • Go out and party. Make it an intimate celebration, just you and your significant other. Go to your favorite restaurant or simply run away from the city for a weekend. You deserve this and your love story deserves this. Take some time away from everyone and celebrate your engagement just as you want to!
  • Let everyone know. But before you even shoot a selfie with the ring, make sure you announce your parents and closest friends. At the end of the day, they are far more important for you than any of the random people you have collected in your list of social media friends. Once your parents and friends know about the engagement, you can definitely show off the beautiful ring on Facebook and Instagram as well!
  • Throw a party. Your engagement party can be as large or as small as you want it to be, as opulent or as you want it to be. It can happen in a restaurant, it can be a house party, or it can be a small getaway with your closest friends and relatives. One rule is very important, though: if you invite someone to the engagement party, invite them to the Big Day as well. Otherwise, they might feel awkward about it.
  • Start planning your budget. Dreaming about the perfect wedding is marvelous, but once you have gone through the “engagement honeymoon”, it is time to get down to some serious planning – and your budget is by far one of the first and foremost important things to tackle. Be realistic about it and try to stick to your plan – stepping into married life indebted by your wedding is definitely not a good idea.

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