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Top Questions Grooms Ask about Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches can be scary and confusing for someone who hates speaking in public (but even an extrovert can get lost in the myriad of wedding etiquette rules to follow when delivering such a speech!).

So, what are the top questions grooms ask about their wedding speeches – and what are the correct answers? Read on and find out more.

  • Is it a must to mention her parents? OK, we understand you might like your parents better (they’re yours after all, right?). However, it would be considered to be very rude if you mentioned your parents, the Best Man and omit her folk. Simply thank them for being such wonderful hosts and people – they will definitely love it!
  • Do you have to give a speech, no matter what? Well, the groom’s speech is not compulsory anymore (while bridal speeches are constantly growing in popularity). You can dodge the wedding speech moment, but, to be honest, this wouldn’t be a very good idea, as most people expect you to say one or two words.
  • Should you mention a parent who passed away? Yes, most definitely. Don’t spend too much time with this though (it is a wedding you’re celebrating, after all). However, do mention the parent and how much you wished they were here with all of you. Be succinct, but emotional and honest – that is the only way to be in this kind of situations!


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