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Top Reasons to Have a Holiday Weekend Wedding

Holiday weekends are increasingly popular for weddings – and we can definitely see why, but if you are not convinced, you should definitely read on and learn more about the reasons you should totally have a holiday weekend wedding.

  • It’s really special. Regardless of whether or not you theme your wedding around the idea of the holiday you are celebrating, the double-festive vibes in the air will definitely make your wedding more fun, more unique, and more unforgettable.
  • You can have tons of fun with the motifs. From Halloween to Christmas and from Thanksgiving to the 4th of July, all celebrations can be easily incorporated with a wedding. And oh, my, how much fun you will have with all the décor and the creative ideas you can breathe life into!
  • Your guests will take it as a vacation (especially the out-of-town ones). Who wants tired, stressed out, cranky guests at their wedding? Nobody. And that’s why a holiday weekend is perfect for the Big Day – people will have more time to enjoy themselves and relax.
  • It’s perfect for destination weddings. Always wanted to get married down by the beach side or up in the mountains? With a three-day weekend at their disposal, guests will have more time to relax and have enough energy to spend on the dance floor.
  • You might have herd (or read) that holiday weddings are more expensive – but truth be told, with attention to detail, you stand a very good chance of pulling off a holiday weekend wedding regarsless of your budget.

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