Vendor in the Spotlight – Crow Entertainment

Hey, everyone! A new week is upon us, meaning a new wedding vendor awaits our questions. Here at the Oaks, making your wedding planning tasks easier always comes first, which is why this week, we’re bringing your attention to Crow Entertainment, a professional DJ with a host of great services to their name. This week, it’s all about music and weddings, so let’s get right to it.

  • So, Crow Entertainment is a wedding DJ, right?

Yes, but providing professional DJ services at weddings is just one of the services we offer. Each season, we provide entertainment for literally hundreds of customers. Obviously, these can’t all be weddings, meaning we cater to other types of customers too.

  • Tell us a bit more about that.

Sure. Our services extend to providing special event lighting, dance lighting, personalized monograms, photo booths, audio production, slide show production, A/V service and so much more.

You see, we wanted to make sure all our customers get what we call the ‘crow experience’ anytime they hire us, which just means we want them to be 100% satisfied with what we do, regardless of the kind of services we’re offering them. That’s why we offer a consistent stream of high-quality services that are quite hard to beat.

  • How did you get into the DJ business? What inspired you to get into it?

Honestly, it began as a simple desire to see couples at their happiest on their wedding days. That’s really what drives us the most. We truly believe the experience taken away from a wedding should be filled with nothing but bliss, so how do we help make that happen? By providing music of the highest quality that’s considerably above average.

We were established back in the year 1997 and ever since then, our reputation as a prime wedding entertainer has only gained credence and wider appeal. It took only a few years for us to be noticed by the schools, venues around the DC Metro and even the corporate world. Crow Entertainment gained traction and hasn’t slowed down ever since.

  • What if your customers aren’t based where you are?

That’s no trouble at all! Even though we’re based in Calvert and Annapolis, we’ve always been a traveling business, so we can pack up our instruments and come meet you almost anywhere you are. Our clients riddle so many different states and many of them have made us their prime source of entertainment: Herrington on the Bay, The Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa (Rod n Reel), Londontown, Running Hare Vineyard Springfield Manor, Stone Manor and Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, to mention a few of the more prominent ones.

Thank you, Crow Entertainment. You’ve provided yet another excellent option for couples getting ready for their grand day. And to our readers, Crow Entertainment can easily be reached via their website, They are a full-time entertainment provider that catered to weddings for almost 20 years; with more than a decade of satisfied customers, be rest assured that hiring them entails a flawless wedding ceremony and party.