Vendor in the Spotlight: Monterey Farms Florist

No wedding preparation is ever easy if you don’t throw in a few wedding vendors to aid you and streamline the task, right? We at the Oaks certainly believe this to be true, which is why we buffed up our services by working with some spectacular wedding vendors that help in making wedding preparation quite easy for you.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of them in our blogs, giving you the lowdown on what makes each vendor unique and why they can help make the entire planning process pleasant.

We’re kicking this week off with Monterey Farms Florist, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. This florist has been decorating weddings for nearly 3 decades! That’s an accolade on its own and one of the first things that grabbed our attention.

  • So, Why Did you Choose Flowers to be the Main Focus of Your Company?

Flowers add color and life to anything, and weddings are no exceptions. That has always been the focus of our company: The endgame was to make every wedding venue we decorate more unique and lovelier than the next. Monterey Farms Florist understands how momentous a wedding is, in large part because it’s a day the couples can truly express themselves, and through our flowers, they can do just that.

  • Do you Grow the Flowers Yourselves?

Yes, we do. It’s a seasonal affair; we grow and harvest everything on an old family farm located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. At Monterey Farms Florist, we hold our customers in the highest regard, which is why we make sure the flowers we use are always fresh. Our customers get nothing but unique and fresh designs.

  • What Makes You Different from all the Other Florists Out There?

Two main things: Products of the highest quality and exceptional, personal service. Monterey Farms Florist walks with you every step of the way of your wedding preparation. We sit with you and discuss the best options available to you, making sure each of them suites your preferences and needs down to the ground. Simply put, we take your ideas and breathe life into them.

  • And Your Other Services?

Monterey Farms Florist offers rentals too; unique and lovely additions to your wedding. We add flair to the ceremony with cake and cupcake displays, vintage props and furniture that gives your wedding that much-sought exotic look, and ceremonial structures to consolidate that grand look.

  • Any Other Reasons That Make Your Services Exceptional?

The fact is, Monterey Farms Florist can save you much-needed time and effort when you begin making preparations for your wedding because we offer services that cater to numerous aspects of it; we’re not just about flowers. A simple call or email is all it takes to learn more and secure our services.

  • Do You Have a Shop Where Potential Customers Can Go and See Your Wares?

If you want to see our flowers before making a decision, stop by our Flower Shack, located right outside the Easton Market Square, on Harrison Street in Easton, Maryland. There are bouquets, fresh arrangements, gardening gifts and so much more that deserve your attention.

Thank you for your time and for answering all our questions. If you want to know more about Monterey Farms Florist and the services they offer, please go here: