Vendor in the Spotlight Seasonal Flowers Florist

Another week is here, and that means another wedding vendor takes center stage on our blog. We at the Oaks are quite excited to be working with these amazing vendors. Every week, we learn about what each of them do to make wedding planning tasks easier and pleasant for their customers. Today, the focus is on Seasonal Flowers Florist, located in Maryland.

  • Tell Us a Bit About Yourself. How Long Have You Been in this Line of Business?

Oh, we’ve been around for quite a while: over 29 years thus far and still going strong, so you can see why we label ourselves veterans in this sphere of business. The experience we’ve gained over the years, tending to thousands of customers each with their own unique vision of what they want for their wedding, has given us everything we need to meet the wants and needs of customers. This has only consolidated the credibility of our business; it has been further expanded with every satisfied customer.

  • The Wedding Florist Business is Quite Saturated. Is There Anything that Makes You Stand Out from Others in Your Line of Work?

There is; or rather, we should say there are. There are quite a few services we offer that other wedding florists don’t. And our prices are remarkably affordable. We understand how expensive weddings are, and we know fully well you have other commitments that necessitate you spend money, which is why we threw in free services to help make the wedding preparations easier for you.

With Seasonal Flowers Florist, you get a free design consultation, throw bouquet and even flower girl petals. Simply put, when it comes to overall value, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better options than what we give you.

  • Do Your Services Cater to Any Kind of Wedding, Regardless of the Taste and Tradition of the Couple?

Yes, they do. Our flowers are never randomly chosen, as you might expect. When we sit down with you and discuss all the plans you have for your wedding (during your free consultation, obviously) it will give us a better insight into what you really want.

We take into cognizance the themes you’re considering, the traditions you intend to adopt and the attire you’ve decided upon, then use that information and arrange a fitting array of lovely bouquets, décor, and table settings. Great beauty, as well as excellent quality, are constant features of the services we offer.

Thank you, Seasonal Flowers Florist. This was quite insightful. To find out more about Seasonal Flowers Florist, log on to or email them at Any questions you have will be promptly tended to.