Ways Stained Glass Can Be Gorgeously Incorporated into Your Wedding Decor

Old beautiful hanging lamp outside in cafe garden made from stained glass, moroccan style

With summer here, you expect wedding designers to come up with new, unique ideas to bring color and warmth to wedding décor – and you won’t be disappointed!  

One of the latest trends in wedding décor is incorporating stained glass into your Big Day – and truly, we find this to be absolutely stunning! 

How to do it? We have some ideas for you – so keep reading if you want to find out more.  

  • The Stationery. There are so many gorgeous ways of incorporating the stained-glass motif in your wedding invitations! When working with your stationer don’t forget to mention that this is a direction you are taking your wedding décor.  Not only will they help you find the best avenue to take your design, but they will help you set the tone for your big day.  We especially love seeing hand painted geometric shapes with black borders, full of vivid colors. Whatever your color pallet this is sure to make a great first impression.   
  • Ceremony Décor.  How about using a powerfully colorful wedding ceremony backdrop for your wedding? For example, we love the look of hand painted backdrops or actual reclaimed stained glass used to decorate the wedding altar. The same idea can be applied for wedding photo backdrops too – people will just love taking a photo in on such a unique background! 
  • The Cake. Everyone loves cake – and when that cake is really special, it is bound to be one of the main spotlights of your wedding reception. We love giving bakers free reign to be creative.  What could be more fun than having your cake painted to resemble stained glass.  It is bound to look elegant and unique, a real show stopper. 
  • Outdoor Lighting. Adding the right lighting to your outdoor wedding space can be a complete game changer – so why not keep to your wedding theme? Stained or colored glass lanterns make everything look more romantic and chicer!  

Have you booked your Eastern Shore wedding yet? If you are still searching for something really special, be sure to contact The Oaks and allow us to delight you and your guests with a splendid space for your Big Day.