Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Questions All Couples Should Know

Your wedding ceremony is bound to be one of the most amazingly magical, emotional, and unforgettable moments of your entire life. Of course you want things to be perfect! Yet, aside from the excellent ceremony officiant and the blooms you have chosen to decorate the aisle and the backdrop with, you should also make sure some etiquette rules are respected. If you don’t know them already, read on and find out more:

  • You may feel nervous about tasking a very young ring bearer to actually carry the rings on a pillow. However, it is completely acceptable to ask your Maid of Honor to tie the rings unto the pillow before the ceremony, so that they are safer transported down the aisle. Also, you can definitely use a different type of container for the rings as well – such as a box, or a basket, for example.
  • If your father cannot walk you down the aisle, you can definitely choose someone else to do this – a brother, an uncle, or a dear friend. You can also choose to walk down the aisle alone, especially since the whole “being given away” tradition is not a “must” these days. And if you want to feel your father closer to you, you can definitely have a moment dedicated especially for him – such as a reading from his favorite book, or asking the officiant to say a few words.
  • As for stepparents, you can definitely honor them too. You can be walked down the aisle by a stepparent, you can ask both the stepparent and the stepparent to do this, and if neither of these options sounds good to your particular situation, you can ask your stepparent to do a reading, act as an usher, or simply mention them in the wedding program.


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