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Wedding Invitations 101: Mailing Tips

You may be tempted to think design is all there is to wedding stationery and invitations – but truth be told, there’s no point in designing the most gorgeous wedding invitations of all time if you don’t actually deliver them to the guests.

So, what are the most important mailing tips to remember when sending out the wedding invitations? We have gathered them right below – so read on to find out more.

  • Try to use tissue paper inserts – they look amazing and they will protect the invitations from smudging. This is especially important if you used dark ink (or even thermography) on your wedding invites.
  • Do NOT lick the envelopes. It may seem the natural thing to do, but chances are they will not reach their destination in one piece. Use some glue or high-quality adhesive instead – it’s cleaner, safer, and you avoid all those annoying paper cuts (plus, you avoid the nasty taste too!).
  • Do NOT drop them into your neighborhood mailbox. Sure, it may be easier this way – but if you really want your envelopes to be protected from all the weather conditions and potential accidents, it is far better to get them to the actual post office.
  • Stick to rectangular wedding invitations and envelopes. They may seem more banal, but you can save a lot of money by doing this, since odd-shaped envelopes are usually taxed extra. You can still have gorgeous, unique wedding invitations even without the square, round, or hexagonal shapes – so why not save some dollars?

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