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Wedding Registry Updates: How Often Are You Allowed to Do It?

Creating a wedding registry is, more often than not, quite a delicate issue. First of all, you have to ensure the list you create covers all budgetary concerns (so that each guest can feel great about the gift they offer for your Big Day). Secondly, you will also have to make sure the registry is shared in a proper way (so it is completely forbidden to add it to your wedding invitations!).

Is it allowed to change your registry?

Yes, of course. As the wedding process unveils and as the pre-wedding events take place, it is actually needed that you update the wedding registry.

How often are you allowed to do it?

Well, here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to this:

  • In general, you should update your wedding registry about three times – the first time being right when you publish it. Give your wedding registry one more check before sharing it with the Maid of Honor and parents who will send it to the guests (or before actually publishing it on your wedding website).
  • The second time you should update your wedding registry is after the bridal shower. This is needed because a lot of your bridal shower guests will want to buy a gift from the registry list, so you should update it to make sure the wedding guests will not buy something you already own.
  • Lastly, you should update the registry before the wedding itself. This is a move you should make for the last-minute guests who might need to buy something quickly and easily.

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